Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Toto, Turtles, Tapestries, and Textures in Brooklyn!

With Laura's birthday behind us and the holidays at our heals, it seems appropriate that we do a post on Laura's birthday trip to New York City. Why, you might ask, is that appropriate? Well, according to everyone in the whole entire world, it's "an amazing place to be this time of year." I've never been, believe it or not, and no, I haven't spent any of my 28 years on this Earth under a rock. I just haven't ventured to the "city that never sleeps." My limited experience with the Big Apple came during the summer of 2004 when I road-tripped all the way up the east coast to Maine running after a band in a patchwork skirt and no make-up. During this trip, my fearless driver and I almost ran out of gas, puttering off the first exit we could find into the unknown land of Queens. When the gas station attendant had to unlock the door to let me in so that I could pay and then, immediately locked the door when behind me, I realized that we may be in the wrong part of town. With that said, Laura set out on her trip, agreeing to carry me in her pocket for the duration so that I could have a little taste of the so-called City of Dreams. Not to mention, NYC is pretty much the number one place to go if you're having "designer's block." It'll inspire you, or at least the lights will, according to Alicia Keys and Jay-Z, that is.

So, here we go. I guess I'll show you the photographs and Laura's commentary and then add some of my own blogging brilliance and attempt to explain Laura's designerisms into sense. 

Laura: "A little Green family time. Brooklyn style. My dad and his family grew up in Brooklyn and now, my cousin and his new wife live there :)" 
Meet Tova Bear, the apple of Laura's eye! 

Sometimes, Laura just sends me stuff that she thinks is cool sans commentary, and this is one of those times. How loveable is this child? These chairs on pretty neat. They'd be perfect for a contemporary setting, if you ask me. 
               Laura: "Thai in Brooklyn with my girl and the Green family for my Birthday.

 Green curry, my favorite. No pun intended."

To me, curry tastes like a smell, so I have a hard time getting pumped up for Indian food, but I guess if you're in New York, you've got to try new things! Happy Birthday, dinner, to you, Laura! 

How fun is this little treasure in the city? I love the simplicity. (See, Laura, I'm learning) The garage doors are awesome, and the bar is so clean looking. No clutter in this place! I think she was trying to make me jealous of the glass of wine she was about to order. It worked!

Pretty much the coolest wishing pond ever. I don't think you're ever too old to wish. 

Laura: "My favorite animal is a turtle-- slow and steady wins the race-- loved this adroably tacky guy. Priced at $4 bucks. My kind of birthday!"
Just goes to show, even if you're a designer, sometimes, little stuff makes a big difference. This turtle might not seem like something a designer would have in their home, but the more I work with Laura, the more I learn that there's nothing a designer wouldn't use. They just always find the right way to use it. 

Laura: "Texture inspiring me today. Antique marbles to-die-for in junk shop in Brooklyn." 

Well, Laura, looks like you finally found them!!!

I can think of a million things you could do with antique marbles to incorporate them into the design of your home. You could fill up a jar with them and put them on a table. Use them at the bottom of a beautiful vase. The possibilities are endless.  

Today's lesson: Never underestimate a junk store! 

Laura: "Vintage tapestry on chevron tuffed chairs-- oh, la la!" 

Laura: "A little blood orange graffiti. My favorite color for my birthday--fab!" 
Inspiration is everywhere!
Laura: "Picasoesque street art in Brooklyn."
Might even look cool inside if it was the right space.
Laura: "Cousin Andrew and Toto planking."
Laura: "Ah my gosh-- reminds me of my Grandma's bedspread in a not-so-grandma way. Still loving all things mustard and vanilla latte."
Laura: "Bad furniture--sad :("
Almost like a furniture graveyard. I hate to see it, but you never know. Someone like Laura might walk by and decide to bring these guys back to life. 

Such a cool little retreat! Love all the plants. 

I absolutely love hanging chairs!!! I've always wanted one.

Hope you guys enjoyed some of Laura's Brooklyn-inspired style! Believe it or not, I'll be heading to NYC in a few weeks to bring in the New Year. I'll take lots of photos, too! 

Until next time

XX, LG and friends 

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